PRS 408

I have quite a few PRS guitars and they are all great instruments; but the 408 is the best sounding and most versatile. It has a very wide palette of sounds. You can read about the guitar and hear the guitar demo’d here

I use Rotosound strings (standard set of Nickel 10’s) and Dunlop Delrin 1.14 picks, which are stiff and slick.


After recording Crossing The Line with PRS amps I am a convert! For my shows I am now using the “HXDA” and “H” amps through PRS 2×12 closed-back cabinets.

“HXDA” stands for Hendrix crossed with Duanne Allman, so-called because it is inspired by the Marshall amp used by those iconic names. Read about it here:

The “H” amp has a more modern sound and two channels with independent controls. The clean channel has loads of headroom and shimmering highs, while the lead channel produces smooth distortion and liquid sustain just the way I like it. This amp tends to be my main live amp.

For cables, I use a PRS cables and Monster  cables. I use GearSkinz cases for the amps – light, portable and very tough!


My pedal board tends to change over time. Right now I’m using:

Creation Audio Mk4.23 a very classy boost that sounds like an old Neve pre-amp.

Pigtronix Disnortion One of my favourites. It has overdrive, fuzz and Octavia. Old-school sounds that you can tweak.

Xotic AC Booster a versatile overdrive pedal with EQ adjustment, which is a big bonus. I mostly use this with amp’s distortion.

Strymon Flint my main reverb and a tremolo (the best tremolo ever!).

TC Flashback Delay a very stable pedal.

Xotic EP Booster awesome line boost, very smooth.

Xotic SL Drive this is as close as it gets to the real thing. A life saver when doing fly-in shows using rented (not always good!) amps.

Xotic SP Compressor a superbly versatile compressor – you can choose which frequency to compress. I’m using it more and more these days.

Strymon Mobius a cool box of sounds and vibes.

Jam Retro Vibe the best univibe I have tried.

Jam Waterfall so lush it sounds like liquid.

Valbruch Octavia a crazy but cool sounding octave fuzz.

T-Rex Octavius I love this pedal, a very precise and evil-sounding octave pedal.

Sch-z Arion stereo Chorus.

Vox Wah standard issue.

TC Polytune. Compact, accurate, does what it says on the tin!

I also use a Wampler compressor with my acoustic guitar.

Reverb, tremolo and delay go into the effects loop. Everything else is “inline” straight into the front of the amp. The Mk4.23 is last in line and is permanently on at a low level of boost.